Monday, May 18, 2015

Of dusks and dawns and twilight's frights

The sun rises and the night fades away
The world awakens to a sunny day
The children of the night disappear
Into shelters there and here  
They slip off into dark places
To rest until the day erases  
Then when the sun sets my friend  
They will rise and stalk again            
There is no where to run                
And no where to hide                        
Once the moon calls out to
The beast inside                                                
Listen children and heed my word          
Lock your doors at night                        
And don' t be heard                          
If a stranger knocks                            
Don't invite them in                                                
Or you may never see the sun again                      
Don't get home late            
Be home by dark                
Don't talk to strangers          
When you're at the park  
And if a strange man starts to glow  
Run away fast
You're in a YA show.

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