Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Curse of the Damned

Not alive.
But not yet dead.
Somewhere between
the two instead.
Eternal life u might say.
The curse of the damned
by another name.

Unliving Corpse

Late night.
Cant sleep.
I lurk in the shadows and prowl the streets.
Undead childe. Creature of the nite.
Hypnotic eyes and skin pale white.
A distorted reflection of what used to be me.
A walking unliving corpse for all the world to see.

Eternal Thirst

Eternal thirst.
The more u drink the more u need.
Insatiable. Unyielding.
Bloodlust fueled by greed.

Happy Halloween

Spooks and ghouls and
Things that go bump in the night.
White noise on the telly
Warns of something not right.
The t v people reach out
To grab u in ur sleep.
A noise is heard in the basement
A loud scream from some dead creep.
At the foot of ur bed
A pig-like demon counts ur breaths.
As a sickle carrying fellow reaches out
Your soul 2 reap.
In the astral plane noone can hear u scream
When u get taken by Death.

Happy Halloween
October 6, 2006

Friday night

Friday night has gone.
Bodies lying all about.
What have i done now?

The Life of a Vampire

The life of a vampyre...
living to kill...
killing to live...

Bloody Moon Tonight

Bloody moon tonight
Eyes covered in crimson red
Feeding time again

Rise to kill again

The sun sets and I
rise again to meet the night.
Rise to kill again

King of the Night

Hunting at nightfall.
Predator hunting the prey.
King of the night still.

Bitter Sun

Bitter sun. Wicked
evil monster. Bringer of
death. How i dread thee...

Friday, July 2, 2010


Blood Stains on the Carpet

My Cravings now are gone


Who wants to live forever?

Who wants to live forever?
Eternity is a long time
An eternity of pain
Betrayal and regret
An eternity of sleepless nights
Who wants to live forever?
And have to say good bye to all those
You love
Eternal youth? hah
Eternal torment and pain
Awaits the childe of the night

Unwanted Embrace

I just stopped by for a drink
Like a dozen times before
I guess i was more thirsty than i thought
Once i got her on the floor
As i quenched my insatiable thirst
I came to realize
This girl that i was preying on
Was just about to die
As i came to my senses
I saw her in my arms
This vessel i called friend
A victim of my charms
And soon she would be gone
Because of my mistake
And the Prince would have my head
Did i deserve this fate?
I could not let her die
The regrets would never stop
And so i bit my lip
And let her taste a few drops
And soon she arose again
And walked the night with me
And tho we are no longer friends
She arose you see
And now she is Kindred
A creature of the night
Forever in the dark
And running from the light
We walk the world of darkness
The dark childe and i
Tho years come and go
The damned can never die

Blood in the Laundry Again

Blood in the laundry again
Stains that wont come out
Stains on my shirt
And stains on my soul
Corrupted by the lifestyle
But i cannot walk away
Blood in my laundry
A bloody moon to end my day

Curse of the Vampire

Happiness is hard to find
Even when you have an eternity
A century of pain
To follow a moment of bliss
An eon of betrayal
For each second of happiness
This is the true curse of the vampire

Enemy of the Night

O to feel the warming heat of daytime's morning sun
And not upon first sight of it have to hide and run
To walk among the mortal men
A dream i'll never know
My fate is to hide in the shadows
And watch them come and go
Bitter sun
Thing of evil
Enemy of the night
All night's children dread thee
And your murderous burning light

Christmas Bloody Christmas

Bloody christmas
Crimson stains
On the christmas tree
Gifts of carnage
Christmas morning
Bloodlust feast
My gift to me

Dead or Alive

Sunset at last
Bad moon rising
Feeding time again
The witching hour begins
I stroll the streets
By moonlight
Hunting in the dark
Lurking in the shadows
Murder is my art
I am the great hunter
Hunting to survive
America's most wanted
Dead or alive.

Neverending Thirst

Neverending thirst
Unquenchable desire
Immortal curse
Gift to childe from sire
Crimson covered prey
Predator am i
Creature of the night
Dead but yet alive


Creature of the night
Feeding and preying
Hiding from the morning light
Eternal thirst
Forever undead
Crimson stained soul
Forever blood red

Lord of the Dark

Night at last
The vicious sun has gone to sleep
The blue sky faded to black
The twinkling stars appear like angels watching the city
Feeding time again
I am the King of the Night
The Lord of the Dark
I rule the streets at night
Feeding on the evil
Here i am god
The people on the streets
My cattle
They disappear
People scratch their heads but
No one misses them much
My little meals on legs
Scum of the earth
The dealers and pimps
Thugs and thieves
No one will miss them
My cattle
Worthless wastes of space
Only good for one thing
Tonight i rule the streets
In the morning i will sleep
I am the night owl
God of the Dark
Master of the streets
Tonight i feed and
Tomorrow will be a brighter day
Thanks to me
The Lord of the Dark

Undead God among men

Life ends too fast
Afterlife begins
Undead childe
Starting over again
Immortal hunter
Seeking whom he may devour
Walking among mortals
Hunting his hearts desire
Summer's sun beats down
Intensifying the thirst again
I hunt to survive
Undead god among men

Slayer Of Slayers

Slayer of slayers
Immortal enemy number one
Unstoppable killing machine
They come to me
Death wish in their eyes
I grant their heart's desire
Genie of the underworld
The end of the line
Grim reaper of slayers
The slayer's slayer
The big bad

William the Bloody

William the Bloody
Creature of the night
Sleeping in the daytime
Stalking in the night
Pale horse rider
Prophetic hosts proclaim
Death rode into London
And Bloody was his name

The Big Bad

I am The Big Bad
the Dark Prince of Evil here
this is my town now

Snow White and the Big Bad

Surely you must feel it
the Magic between Us
Some may call it Magic
Others call it Lust
The Big Bad and
His Snow White
Corrupt and Impure
A naughty naughty fairy tale
Thats hidden from the World

Dark Princess

Dark Princess
Queen of the Night
Pale Reaper of Souls
She Walks in the Shadows by Day
And Rules the World by Night
My Love, My Sire, My Everything
Pale Psychotic Princess
Of my Unlife

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dark Gothic Fantasy

2 many tears i shed
ink on the pillow blood red
dark gothic fantasy
dangerous even 2 me
gripping my broken heart
and cutting it open
until my heart bleeds ink
on paper 4 u 2 read

My Gothic Fantasy

In my dreams
She comes to me
My gothic fantasy
Cutting my heart open with her lies
Bleeding ink on paper
For your eyes

"We are Forever, Drusilla and Me..."

Vampyre Heaven

Endless nights
By a crimson river
Twinkling stars
In the sky i see
Crescent moon
Shines down in splendor
Eternity just drags on forever
But this is vampire heaven
Here with thee

Shall we play?

dark drusilla
sexy temptress
bondage buddy
what twisted game shall we
play tonight?
do you want the red blindfold
or the black, my love?
keeper of my dark heart
seductress in the night
how i love to hear you scream
i am your big bad
and you my red riding hood
what's in the basket?
silk straps and handcuffs again?
shall we play?

Living Dead Girl

Living dead girl
Cursed immortal
With no soul
So cold inside
Youre dead
But you want to live
Are you into this disease?
Are u down with the sickness?
Are u happy only seeing the night?
Immortal yes
You could live forever
And watch all your friends
Slowly die
Living dead girl
Undead Goddess of the Night

Drusilla, My Snow White Princess

My snow white princess
Nocturnal ruler of the night
My sire, my playmate, and lover
Can i tie you to the bed again tonight?
We can play games til the sunrise
The big bad and his snow white
I'll make you scream in the darkness
Just like i do every night
Then we'll hide from the sunlight together
And play games again
Tomorrow night

Drusilla, Dark and Mysterious

Dark and mysterious
Deceitful and dangerous
Deadly and exciting
Erotic and intoxicating
Twisted and insane
My sire
My lover
My friend

Drusilla, Dark and Twisted

Dark and twisted
Mysterious and sexual
Dangerous and deadly
Captor of my dark heart
My friend and ally
My sire and playmate
My dark fantasy
My unlife partner
Dark dru

Naughty Dru

Naughty Dru
Is that you,
lurking in the shadows?
Is that you,
slipping off that silk dress?
Is that you, my bad girl, Dru,
sneaking up to my bed
Am i going to have to tie you up again?
Very well, red riding hood,
Let's play
i have some handcuffs
here just for you
Naughty, naughty Dru

Drusilla, Rising like the moon

Rising like the moon
To greet the night
Filling all the mortal hearts
With fright
Ruler of the earth
Til morning light
The thing that goes
Bump in the night