Friday, July 2, 2010

Lord of the Dark

Night at last
The vicious sun has gone to sleep
The blue sky faded to black
The twinkling stars appear like angels watching the city
Feeding time again
I am the King of the Night
The Lord of the Dark
I rule the streets at night
Feeding on the evil
Here i am god
The people on the streets
My cattle
They disappear
People scratch their heads but
No one misses them much
My little meals on legs
Scum of the earth
The dealers and pimps
Thugs and thieves
No one will miss them
My cattle
Worthless wastes of space
Only good for one thing
Tonight i rule the streets
In the morning i will sleep
I am the night owl
God of the Dark
Master of the streets
Tonight i feed and
Tomorrow will be a brighter day
Thanks to me
The Lord of the Dark

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